Can acupuncture help during pregnancy?

As your body changes and adapts to accommodate new life, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms during your pregnancy such as morning sickness, sciatica pain or swelling. Acupuncture can help! See how it can safely and gently treat symptoms during pregnancy, help prepare your body for labour and delivery and even help during post-partum and breastfeeding.

Preparing for childbirth: 5 benefits of using hypnosis for birthing

Every birth story is unique, beautiful and empowering. Yet many first-time moms are anxious and fearful about their upcoming labour and delivery.

While you likely know about prenatal yoga and childbirth education classes to prepare for childbirth, you may not have heard about using Hypnosis for Birthing. See the 5 Benefits of using Hypnosis for Birthing and how it can lead to positive childbirth experiences.