5 types of headaches and potential treatments

About half of Canadian adults suffer from headaches. While may of us suffer from headaches, you may think they are they something you just have to learn to live with. But the first step is to identify the type of headache you are suffering from. Learn the 5 different types of headaches and potential treatments available to provide preventative care and reduce symptoms.

Boost on-ice performance with hockey skate orthotics

Hockey players can improve their performance when they achieve optimal posture and stride based on your gait, or limb movements. Everyone has a different foot structure, but skate manufacturers offer a ‘one type fits all’. Orthotics correct this to each person’s unique foot structure to achieve the best performance and comfort. Learn how Hockey Skate Orthotics work and how it can improve your hockey game.

3 common shoulder injuries and recommended treatments

Shoulder pain and injuries are a common complaint. They are typically found among athletes, those using repetitive overhead motions in their daily life, or a trauma such as an accident or fall. Learn the three most common areas of injury and the recommended treatments.