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Preparing for childbirth: 5 benefits of using hypnosis for birthing

By Jasmin Duesterhoeft, Hypnotist

Every birth story is unique, beautiful and empowering. Yet many first-time moms are anxious and fearful about their upcoming labour and delivery.

Some common fears and doubts may include:

  • How much pain will it really be?
  • What can I do to help prepare for this experience?
  • Will I be able to do this?

While you likely know about prenatal yoga and childbirth education classes to prepare for childbirth, you may not have heard about using Hypnosis for Birthing.

What is Hypnosis for Birthing?

Hypnosis for Birthing has been documented as early as the 19th Century. Today, it is continuing to evolve and is gaining popularity around the world, with many practitioners helping pregnant women prepare for childbirth.

Working with a trained professional, hypnosis provides the patient with the ability to relax the mind, while getting rid of stored stress in the body. It is a safe and inexpensive way to address stress, remove harmful thoughts about delivery, and bring a positive mindset to the birthing experience.

Hypnosis for Birthing has been used for years to manage pain, create resilience, reduce stress, build confidence, promote bonding between mother and baby, and provide new moms with the best mental head-space to make informed choices during delivery.

5 Benefits of Hypnosis for Birthing

  1. It's a natural form of pain management.
  2. It can decrease stress and fear during childbirth.
  3. It provides tools to increase comfort, relaxation, and relief during labour.
  4. It reduces anxiety, helping better manage day-to-day stress.
  5. It allows you to be prepared for the journey your birth takes and feel empowered your body can do it.

How Does it Work?

Hypnosis is a NOT form of mind control or brainwashing. It does not put you in a deep sleep, you are not controlled by the hypnotist or unaware of what’s going on around you.

Hypnosis provides a mental state of relaxation. It is characterized as being open to positive suggestibility and heightened imagination.

Hypnosis for Birthing involves multiple customized sessions with a trained Hypnotist to mange stress, address fears and anxieties, as well as promote bonding with baby.

Managing pain during childbirth is typically what women fear most and causes the most stress. Not managing this stress can lead to a more painful delivery.

Hypnosis for Birthing can reduce your stress, as it works to discover the underlying cause. This leads to changes in how you respond to the stress, reducing your anxiety during pregnancy and supports the management of your day-to-day stress – benefiting baby as well.

The goal is to prepare you to enter into labor with tangible tools and a working knowledge of what your body can do. You are also provided with relaxation and comfort techniques to use if unforeseen complications arise, such as medical interventions.

Hypnosis for Birthing can also lead to a positive postpartum experience. When you are prepared for a diverse delivery experience and are empowered to make the best decisions during your delivery, you create an overall positive childbirth experience. This leads to a lower likelihood of experiencing postpartum depression or post-traumatic stress disorder from your birthing experience.

See if Hypnosis for Birthing is Right for you

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