Can acupuncture help during pregnancy?

As your body changes and adapts to accommodate new life, you may experience uncomfortable symptoms during your pregnancy such as morning sickness, sciatica pain or swelling. Acupuncture can help! See how it can safely and gently treat symptoms during pregnancy, help prepare your body for labour and delivery and even help during post-partum and breastfeeding.

How to boost your immune system at home with acupressure

Acupuncture supports the body’s natural ability to resist illness and pain. Acupressure is the gentle massage over acupuncture points and can be done at home to help boost your immunity. Learn how to do a 5-minute acupressure immune boost routine.

Treating chronic pain with acupuncture

Chronic pain can last for weeks, months, or even years after an injury. It not only drains your physical body but affects your mental and emotional systems as well. See how Acupuncture can treat chronic pain and how other approaches from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help.