Products for sale

We offer a variety of products including health supplements, massage and stretching tools, sleep enhancement products, and pain-relief to purchase at the clinic.

You can also purchase 60 or 90-minute massage gift certificates.

Questions about these products? Email us at or talk to us in the clinic.

Order Metagenics Supplements Online

Metagenics provides scientifically formulated nutritional supplements that deliver health benefits. Products include magnesium supplements, vitamins for kids, adults, seniors and prenatal vitamins.

Order online  to have your products ship directly to your home through our account.

Epsom Gel

Foam Roller

Spiky Ball

Toe Spreaders

TENS Machine

Posture Medic Support

Lacrosse Ball

Himalyan Bath Salts

Resistance Bands

Buckwheat Pillow

Knee Tech Support Pillow

Weighted Blanket

Cervical Neck Traction

products for sale - cervical traction collar

KT Tape

High-Density Neck Pillow

products for sale premium neck pillow

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