Boost on-ice performance with hockey skate orthotics

Hockey players can improve their performance when they achieve optimal posture and stride based on your gait, or limb movements. Everyone has a different foot structure, but skate manufacturers offer a ‘one type fits all’. Orthotics correct this to each person’s unique foot structure to achieve the best performance and comfort. Learn how Hockey Skate Orthotics work and how it can improve your hockey game.

Feeling stressed? Strategies to cope and adapt

Significant life events, whether positive or negative, can cause us psychological stress and pain which can present itself as loneliness, anxiety or depression. While you cannot always get rid of the stressors and conflicts in everyday life, you can lower your stress by learning how to use effective coping mechanisms.

Is it allergies, a cold or the flu? How to tell the difference

Sniffles, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, and feeling lousy are all symptoms affecting the respiratory system. But how do you know if it’s an allergy, cold or the flu? It is easy to get symptoms mixed up because your immune system reacts to allergies and viruses with the same immune response, as this is how the body protects itself from foreign invaders.

How to boost your immune system at home with acupressure

Acupuncture supports the body’s natural ability to resist illness and pain. Acupressure is the gentle massage over acupuncture points and can be done at home to help boost your immunity. Learn how to do a 5-minute acupressure immune boost routine.

Coping with COVID-19: mindful eating habits & positive food relationships

In response to this global pandemic, you have likely found that your eating habits have changed. You may be eating more, eating different foods than you normally would, eating at weird times, grazing, or not eating enough. Learn how mindful eating and coping strategies can help you navigate your eating habits during this difficult time.

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