Choose RAPID NeuroFascial Reset for rapid pain relief

One in five Canadians lives with chronic pain. Although common conditions such as sciatica, frozen shoulder or heel pain may be affecting your daily life, you can seek rapid relief with RAPID NeuroFascial Reset treatments.

Treating chronic pain with acupuncture

Chronic pain can last for weeks, months, or even years after an injury. It not only drains your physical body but affects your mental and emotional systems as well. See how Acupuncture can treat chronic pain and how other approaches from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help.

Preparing for childbirth: 5 benefits of using hypnosis for birthing

Every birth story is unique, beautiful and empowering. Yet many first-time moms are anxious and fearful about their upcoming labour and delivery.

While you likely know about prenatal yoga and childbirth education classes to prepare for childbirth, you may not have heard about using Hypnosis for Birthing. See the 5 Benefits of using Hypnosis for Birthing and how it can lead to positive childbirth experiences.

3 common shoulder injuries and recommended treatments

Shoulder pain and injuries are a common complaint. They are typically found among athletes, those using repetitive overhead motions in their daily life, or a trauma such as an accident or fall. Learn the three most common areas of injury and the recommended treatments.

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