A sinus headache can be defined as inflammation of mucous membrane sinuses. The sinuses are air filled passages that continue throughout the nasal passages. With inflammation and swelling of the sinus mucosa the swollen membrane then blocks the passage creating a negative pressure and fills the sinus with mucous creating that stuffy feeling we all feel which results in pain and uncomfortablilty. It is also possible for one side of heads sinuses to spread the other as they are all connected together.

Sinus headaches are caused by viral infection, bacterial infections, increase in pressure, irratation due to inhalation of dust, chemicals, etc. allergies, changed in barometric pressures, and predisposing factors such as deviated nasal septum, any upper molar abcess. With living in Calgary changes in barometric pressure is very common and results in alot of headaches all year round.

Symptoms are pain over certain sinus which can spread over the entire head depending on which sinus is being affected. Their may be tenderness (pain on touch) over the sinus that is being affected.  Pressure and pain can increase when you move or flex your head foreward. Possible pain in the ears, cheeks or teeth. If an infection is presen their may be symptoms of fever, chills and other respiratory symptoms. You may have increased nasal mucous which could be green, yellow or red/brown tinge which indicates infection and possibilty of difficulty breathing through both nostrils.

The aims of massage therapy would be to decrease the pain being caused by the sinus headache, decrease inflammation and drain sinuses, if their is an infection present please seak out mediacal attention from either an MD or Dentist. If a fever is present do not seek massage therapy as treatment source instead come in after for treatment of symtoms left over by infection or fever. Massage therpay is greatltly affective on sinus headaches for for the relief of sinus pressure built up and other factors that may be causing blockage in the blood flow in the brain. Coreccting posture of the cervical spine can be of help and icing the sinus being affected can also help drain the mucous blockage.

Some other types of treatment or home care you can do is steam inhalation and possibly add some essential oils such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil and cajuput oil but be careful of sensitivities or allergies during the headache and heat on the back of the neck in between headaches to relief tension or pressure and stress.

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