Stretching is a very important key to maintaining a healthy body and reducing risk of injury, however many of us tend to forget to add it to our list of daily activities. Assisted Stretching is a great way to add stretching to your weekly or monthly self care routine and can be incorporated as an add on to a massage or stand alone appointment.

With Assisted Stretching the massage therapist can comfortably and safely stretch your muscles with active repetitions to avoid overstretching and pain while gently increasing flexibility and joint mobility in areas where it is needed. Assisted Stretching can also be used to help release fascial restrictions and keep your muscles moving the way they should be.

With the combination of Massage and Assisted Stretching we are able to reduce inflammation and tension while also creating longer lasting effects by being able to lengthen the muscles on a deeper level while stretching with the previous tension release from massage. Another great thing about Assisted Stretching is that it can be used as a warm up for exercise or a cool down for physical activity so it is a great tool to use post or pre-workout.

With this tension and fascial release as well as muscle lengthening it can greatly increase our range of motion as well reduce our risk of injury during physical activity while improving our performance. Not to mention sometimes it is nice to have someone else do all the work for us! It is a super simple way for us to give our bodies the much needed stretching that we so often forget to include in our day to day lives.

Stretching can easily be incorporated into any 60 or 90 minute massage appointment or we are able to do a full body stretch routine in only 30 minutes so it is a great option if you are in a crunch for time but still want to feel some tension relief from your daily activities whether it be working at a desk all day or that longer than usual hike you went on over the weekend.

Assisted Stretching is beneficial for everyone no matter your activity level!

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