Counselling Psychology

Why seek counselling with Dr. Naomi Popeski, PhD ?

Individual Counselling

Dr. Popeski provides a safe and non-judgemental space to help treat individuals who suffer from a range of mental health-related issues. Collaborating with the individual, Dr. Popeski will help identify strategies to improve coping skills that will aim to empower and build resilience.


Areas of Focus for Individual Counselling Include:




Pregnancy or Postpartum Anxiety/Mood Changes

Relationship Issues

Self Esteem Issues


Chronic Pain


Couples Counselling

Dr. Popeski provides a space for couples to identify and explore their relationship issues; whether it is communication breakdown, intimacy issues, or external stressors.


Dr. Popeski provides in-person and telehealth (video or phone) sessions and provides direct billing for most insurance companies for all counselling sessions. A receipt with her registration number will also be provided to submit to insurance companies if needed.



Dr. Naomi Popeski, Registered Psychologist, MPH Health Clinic in SW Calgary

Dr. Naomi Popeski, PhD

Individual and Couples Counselling

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