Hypnosis for Peak Athletic Performance

Hypnosis has the ability to relax the mind while getting rid of stored stress in the body. Hypnosis is an easy and inexpensive way to address stress and remove harmful thoughts that can lead to decreased performance in sports.

The brain recognizes constant pressure and stressors as “danger” and puts your body in a ‘fight or flight” survival mode. This is a natural process and is required in many sport scenarios.

However, being in this state for extended periods of time, has adverse effects on the body and performance. When you are having difficulty coping with stress or simply have too much stress, your immune system is affected, decision making is compromised and overall performance suffers.

Hypnosis for Peak Athletic Performance

Elite athletes understand that optimal performance depends on the right state of mind. When athletes train their bodies, they also condition their mind to improve perception, attention, cognition, and memory.

Hypnosis for Peak Athletic Performance involves customized sessions with a trained Hypnotist to manage stress, address fears and anxieties, as well as engaging in visualization activities for upcoming athletic events or performances.

Reach Peak Performance with Hypnosis



1. Can hypnosis can make me super-strong, fast or athletically talented?

While hypnosis is used to enhance performance, it cannot make people stronger or more athletic than their existing physical capabilities. Performance is often associated with mental determination and focus and these are what we improve.

2. Will I lose control of myself during hypnosis?

There is absolutely no loss of control during hypnosis. You will be able to hear and respond to everything the hypnotherapist says and you will remember what happened in our session.

3. How many hypnosis sessions will I need?

Every person is different, we will create a personalized plan during the first consultation and align the plan with your needs and wants. As we achieve results, we can modify your plan.

4. What can I expect during the initial hypnosis consultation?

Initial consultations can be done in-person, on the phone, or video call. The purpose of the consultation is to understand your questions and concerns, so we can determine if hypnosis is the right fit.

The priority is to make sure hypnosis will benefit your goals, and that you are comfortable with the hypnotist. At the end of the consultation, you’ll decide whether to pursue hypnosis and book your initial session.

Consultations typically take 15 minutes to complete, but can be scheduled for up to 30 minutes.

5. What can I expect during a hypnosis session?

Using information gathered in the initial consultation, a customized hypnosis plan will be created including identifying how many sessions will be required.

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